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2-hour rental – 5 €
Daily rental – 10 €

Guests in our hotel also have a chance of renting bikes, which will take them for safe cycling tours on arranged bike paths in the hotel’s surroundings.

Easier and smooth cycling path, which is leading you on roads with low traffic through villages next to the rivers Sava and Sora banks between Ljubljana and Škofja Loka. You will cycle mostly over plains and some lighter ascents. The road is almost all kissed by the sun, that is why it is better to use it in the mornings or evenings during hot summer days. On the other hand, during colder periods of year, sun rays keep you warm, especially in the afternoons.

This route is suitable for a half day trip. You can always make it longer, since there is a lot of forests, where you can stop and relax, and riverbanks, to smell the nature. And finally, this route is accompanied by a lot of very good inns, where you can enjoy a meal.

Very attractive and demanding is a route over Polhograjski Dolomiti, which leads you from Ljubljana Marshes (Ljubljansko barje) to Sorško polje, and back. You will cycle over one of the most beautiful hilly landscapes in Slovenia. It is unique because of the beautiful views it offers, especially in the afternoon. You can also satisfy your feelings by observing rich flora (grass fields with a great variety of grass flowers), cultural monuments. And you can also satisfy your hunger, if you visit inns and restaurants along the route, which are famous for their culinary delicacies. 

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