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When was the last time you slowed your step down, took a deep breath, noticed a magical moment, and later continued your way? Do not wait for life to sprinkle magic dust on you. You open your arms and fill your life with magical moments. With us you can create a mosaic of perfect moments, which will remain deeply carved in your memories. Would you like to be just a moment away from beloved Ljubljana, but still close enough to catch city lights? This is a place, where city and countryside walk with hand in hand. This is a place, where you can listen to bird’s singing while drinking your morning coffee. Your eyes can wonder all the way to snow-covered Alps, which rises magnificently over dreamy turquoise Sava towards blue skies. 
Wellness oasis gives you sinful spoiling in our jacuzzies and saunas, while you enjoy tasty cup of tea and selected fruits.
For people, who do sports, and for everybody, who wants to spend a day in the middle of the nature, there is a lot of running tracks and hiking paths in the vicinity. Fishermen can make their day special directly under the hotel, you can play golf just a few kilometres away, you can ski in 15 minutes, riders find friends and space close-by. At the end of the magical day, you can make a toast to it with a glass of a quality wine in candlelight in our hotel restaurant



For those who occasionally escape to fairyland, far away from everyday thoughts and the smell of the city – to your own world. See the magic come true and surrender to intoxicating smells of the bath. Spend a calm afternoon in a private room with a whirlpool. Warm up in our saunas, relax your body and mind in intimate corners. With pleasant music and a cup of selected tea your mind can fly away. We prepare a romantic evening for two with selected wine in candlelight. Spend the night in modern rooms with a breeze of homeness, and a beautiful view of the Alps.


Kompas Motel Medno was built in 1964 and was the first motel in former Yugoslavia. People from far and close knew it as a place, where important people gathered for different meetings. One among them was also former president of Republic Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito. The owner of the motel was Kompas Magistrat, the first director was Boris Lieber, who later made his name with a restaurant.

The motel was built on the northern part of Ljubljana and was meant for travellers, who were spending their time here. Or maybe just drove by. It was built with the intention to develop and spread tourism in our beloved country. And, honestly, since the beginning there is always something going on here. For the first years the motel was amidst colourful nature and was a popular tourist point for people from Ljubljana.

The first event, that still lives in the memories of people, was old-timers’ race. Start and finish were both in front of the front entrance to the motel, and that is the reason that a silhouette of a car was hotels trademark for many years. Still these days people come here to show-off their beloved cars.

They’ve taken care of skiing enthusiasts by placing a ski slope next to the motel. There was also mini golf course and a playground for children.

In the year of 1974 Hotel Medno was managing swimming pool by the river Sora in Goričane. They repaired plumbing and renewed the toilets; with that they also regulated the riverbank. And they were all set for new season. The swimming pool came to life with first warm sun rays. 

Then in July of 1977 the motel was perfectly ready for yet another season. They renewed their bar, front desk, and the bar. With that they also refurnished 45 rooms.

Some years later, in January of 1984, it was time for a complete make-over of the motel: central object, rooms, kitchen, bar, restaurant, and front desk. New furniture came into 30 rooms. This year also the growth of satisfied foreign customers was noted. With those feasts in the restaurant became gourmet delights. Friday evening were reserved for music and dancing. Also, the summer terrace with beautiful views of Kamniško-Savinjske Alpe and dreamy river Sava was raised.

Only one year later, in November 1985, Motel Medno ceremoniously opened the door to brand new discotheque. The cost of that was one million dinars, and they said that new place will earn this money back in two years. And this was true. This most fancy and modern night club/discotheque still brings a nostalgic memory in the eyes of a lot of people.

In 1986 first duty free shop inside Slovenia was opened, which was made possible by changed and amended customs law from the same year.

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In 1991 Slovenia went to its path of independence, consequently Motel Medno started losing their guests, since majority was from former Yugoslavia area. Additional problem was competition, which was unfortunately too rough. Many people thought that the story of this beloved motel is coming to an end.  In the following years tourism was in decline, and the competition was on the rise. Rainbow fields started to grow on the ski slope, mini golf course became just a pile of rotting boards.

Really final and sad epilogue for Motel Medno revealed after severe thunderstorm, that was demolishing Slovenia. Badly damaged and almost destroyed motel was finally shut close in 2002.

In November of 2003, after a little less than a year, the decaying building was bought by a private individual. He rebuilt the motel and upgraded it. Former motel still co-creates memories of many smiling faces and operates in the heart of the nature as Hotel Medno.


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