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Nowadays we encounter the word wellness at every turn. Perfect ladies addresses us from jumbo posters, handsome gentlemen are offering various products and spa centers are trying to convince us that we really need to visit them. But, do we even know, what it is about or what it even means?

Wellness means holistic lifestyle and living in the way that we dedicate ourselves to our mind and body. It is about a feeling of complete happiness and pleasure, streaming energy and satisfaction. It means balance of spirit and body and the establishment of harmonic life.

Healthy eating habits, regular recreation, various techniques of relaxation, positive thoughts and activities for our soul will draw a smile on our face and bring joy to our heart.

Our life is becoming more and more supersaturated with routine everyday and superficial relationships, which do not do any well for our well-being. We are running out of time for our loved ones and for pleasures, which could give us the energy for tomorrow.

Wellness centers in Ljubljana are increasingly expanded and developed and they offer more and more to us. But this is only a small piece of the puzzle of living and being wellness. It is necessary to assemble other pieces of this puzzle also, if we wish to balance our body and spirit and get closer to happy and complete life. Because magic pills, small electronic devices, unenviable advices how to achieve a happy life in 10 steps from magazines and tiresome relationships will not help you to achieve a harmonious life.

In life, there is no right or wrong way, but in very simple words, the way exists, so everyone should go find it and follow it and it will lead you to your own wellness.


True wellness oasis is located in Hotel Medno, at a place, where city and countryside shake hands. By one side you are surrounded by the forest and by the other side you can relax by the view of the snowy Alps and turquoise river Sava. With warm and relaxing atmosphere our wellness offers you a short sweet escape from everyday rush, relaxation and pampering.

You can seek the harmony of your body and soul by relaxing in Finnish and Infra Red saunas or in the real Oasis of peace, private room with whirlpool. You can chill by rich selection of teas, sweet surprises, fresh fruit basket, savory pastries and bottle of sparkling wine.

You can enjoy all of this in pleasing places by relaxing music and candles.

Let your sweet escape from the everyday routine begins.


  • In order to ensure you as perfect experience in Wellness Medno as possible, reservation is needed at least 12 hours before your appointment.

  • In order to ensure you the best possible service, our kind staff will ask you for your personal and contact informations.

  • We will be glad to please all of your wishes and requests, you just have to tell the receptionist by reservation.

  • In case of cancellation or delay, please let us know as soon as possible, at least 12 hours before your appointment.

  • Hotel guests have a free use of sauna during their stay. Reservation in advance is required.

  • Hotel guests have 20 % discount for all wellness services. Reservation in advance is required.