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With the capital of Slovenia we could fall in love at first sight. Above the urban bustle there floats an image of flashing Ljubljana, where many cultural and artistic versions with hint of slovenianliness are at home.

Mainly baroque little town is spanned between the castle hill and river Ljubljanica. From the castle our sight follows gorgeous view at renaissance, baroque and secessial frontages. When our sight focuses on the last houses in the distance, we see mighty hills, surrounding Ljubljana Basin on the north side and on the south side there lies large plain Barje.

There are still visible traces of the past on town streets. Houses of the former ancient city Emona and mighty sculptures testifies about the highly developed culture in the distant past.

Plečnik´s Triple Bridge, which is mighty extending through the main city square, is the most admired and most walked over bridge in Slovenia. Underneath Ljubljanici meanders dreamily, caught between the willows. Our beloved Ljubljana was constructed and made beyond perfect by the Plečnik´s designs. Passers-by are admiring magnificent National and University Library, summer theatre Križanke, central stadion, colorful Market and many other gorgeous buildings.

Wandering through the interesting nooks in colorful summer and also in holiday winter is wonderful experience for both the citizens and tourists. During summer time coffee shops and sweetshops revives, during winter time there are many festivals going on underneath the Christmas lights.

Nowadays Ljubljana is greeted by world artists, who visits it because of the art galleries and academies, international known scientists, businessmen because of the fairs and congresses, curious tourists and many others, who are often coming back. And our dear Ljubljana awaits everyone of them with kindness and smile. Ljubljana imprints deeply in the memory of every single visitor.


Both for the professional and for the recreational cyclists many interesting cycling trails can be found. For all cycling enthusiasts there is a map, available at a reception, which will lead you through the nature in our surrounding. Our kind hotel staff will be happy to give you suggestions and detail descriptions.



In the morning, when you hear birds awakening in the woods, you can go jogging through the peaceful nature that surrounds us. At hotel reception you can find the map of the paths. Our staff can also give you a suggestion jogging-walking trails through Ljubljana.

For more informations you can visit website: www.smarnagora.com


You can surrender yourself by yourself or with your loved ones in the green surroundings. Deep nature, endless meadows and snowy mountains are perfect created for you.


You will walk one hour to Slavkov dom. At the top you can find the restaurant Gostilna Belšak, which is located in the premises of the Slavko´s home from the 1977. It is 11 km

distance from Ljubljana and 4 km from Medvode. It is hidden in natural area of the height of 400 m. More informations: www.gostilnabelsak-slavkovdom.si.


It has an altitude of 738m and is approximately3 hours walking to the top. The road to Katarina is interesting in all seasons, but can be difficult in winter conditions. It is tipical for the Polhov Gradec Dolomites. The distance makes the road fall into the demanding category so the trip requires a certain degree of physical prepareness.

More information can be found at the website: www.rralur.si/fileadmin/arhiv/html/po_projektih/docs/vodnik_pespoti/VODNIK_KATARINA.pdf.


Riding is an unforgettable experience, and it is almost a sin not to try it at least once. There are a couple riding schools in our vicinity. Suggestions follow below: 

  • Riding school, Katja Močnik s. p.. More informaton can be found at: web page

  • There is also a riding center nearby (Jahalni center Janhar) as well as a riding club (Konjeniško društvo Norik). This is the right address for all who wish to ride horses in a peaceful envirnment. You can also take part in riding-sourses. More information is awaylable at: 00386 41 390 366. 


The western part of the Ljubljana Field opens up by the main road to Gorenjska against the confluence of the Sava and Sora rivers at the southeastern edge of the Sorško field. Our view follows the town of Medvode with gorgeous hills and Alps in the background. Medvode (which could roughly be translated to”Between two waters”) were named just because of the location by the confluence of two rivers. The surrounding places are very popular excursion destinations.

The little church at St.Jakob: It’s possible to row a boat, fish or just relax and enjoy the view at Zbilje Lake. It’s wonderful and relaxing during all seasons. More information can be found at: www.gostisce-jezero.si/jezero-dobrava.html. By car, it is only 10 min distanced from Hotel Medno. 


In our vicinity there is a golf-course Diners Club Ljubljana, which is known by neatly, pleasant and accessible to all with 18 holes. It is in immediate vicinity of Ljubljana and Jože Pučnik Airport, by the regional road between Pirniče and Smlednik. More informations can be found here: www.golf-ljubljana.si


Hikers are climbing up to the peaks of Polhograjski Dolomites, such as Osolnik, Govejek, Polhograjska grmada, Tošč in Jeterbenk. Also Šmarna gora and Stari grad in Smlednik are very interesting excursion destinations.


With your loved ones and with a basket, full of goodies, you can make a picnic on the meadow right in front of the hotel.


  • Krvavec: Recreational-tourist center Krvavec is located in community Cerklje na Gorenjskem, which is only 25 km away from Ljubljana. It offers 30 km perfectly maintained ski slopes at an altitude of 1450 m to 1971 m. This altitude provides wonderful conditions for skiing on natural snow. Ski season normally starts at the end of November already because of the great position and it lasts until the first days of May. Ski slopes are suitable for both recreational and professional skiers. Rich additional offer of ski school, rent and servicing ski equipment, track with electronic time measurement, polygon for safe skiing, polygon for starters with playground, children track and carousel, are making all visitors happy. More informations can be found: www.rtc-krvavec.si. Ski resort Krvavec is only 20 minutes drive away from our hotel.
  • Stari vrh pri Škofja Loki: During winter season systems are operating from 9.00 until 16.00. For night skiers, ski resort is opened between 19.00 and 22.00. Ski and sledge equipment rent is possible. Skating rink is 300 square metres large on the snow park on Grebljica. It is opened every day, night skating is possible. There are also night hikings with torchs organised. For more informations visit: www.starivrh.si. Ski resort Stari vrh is 15 minutes of driving from Hotel Medno. 
  • Velika planina: Medium large ski resort offers comfortable skiing and various offer. It has many natural and cultural-etnological attractions, which you can visit during winter too. You can visit the simple world of the shepherds, get enough of fresh air and relax in the idyllic mountain world. From the early spring days until late autumn months the mountain offers various possibilities for everyone, living an active life. You can attend one-day trips to the mountain accompanied by experienced guides. For more informations visit:www.velikaplanina.si
  • Zbilje Lake: During winter you can try cross-country skiing on the trails, during summer the residents of the near villages are keeping cultural tradition alive by performing outdoor games.


For bookworms there is Medvode library near Hotel Medno. More informations about library can be found: www.knjiznica-medvode.si.