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Hotel with tradition


Kompas Motel Medno was built in 1964 as the first motel in ex Yugoslavia. People everywhere around knew it as a place, where famous and important people were meeting. One of them was even the president of The Republic of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito. In that time, the owner was Kompas Magistrat and Boris Lieber, later known as »gostilničar« Lieber, was the first director of the motel. Motel was built on the northern part of Ljubljana for travellers, who were travelling to this part of Ljubljana or were just passing by. It was built to develop and spread turism in our beloved country.

And to be honest, it was varied and interesting in our hotel since always. At first, it was a place in the middle of the colorful nature and very popular excursion point for people from Ljubljana. First event in Motel Medno, which had not been forgotten untill today, was oldtimer race. Start and target point was right in front of the hotel entrance. That is why, many years trademark of the Motel

Medno was silhouette of oldtimer. Even today the owners of oldtimers come in front of the hotel to show their shiny oldtimers. Kompas took care of ski fans too with ski trail, which was set directly by the motel. By its side, they set place for mini golf and playground for the youngest. 1974 motel was the manager of swimming place by river Sora in Goričane. In November 1985 Motel Medno opened doors of the restored disco. They spent million dinars and predicted to recover an investment in only two years and they have right. 


The newest and the greatest disco then is still nostalgic shooting star in the
memory of many. In 1986, they opened first Duty Free Shop in the inside of Slovenia because of changed and supplemented law. When Slovenia became independent, Motel Medno started loosing guests, because many guests were from ex Yugoslavia area. Beside this, competition occured and Motel Medno was left behind.

Many of them thought that this will eventually be the end of the popular Motel Medno story. Year by year, the tourism has been straining, competition was stronger and stronger, from the ski train formed rainbow meadows and decaying wood was everything left by mini golf ground. Final and really sad epilogue the story of Kompas Motel Medno get after big storm, which was going in Slovenia, in 2002. Damaged Motel Medno was closed in 2002. After one year, in
November 2003, damaged and hardly recognizable building has been bought by a privat invester, who restored it generally and upgraded it. Former Motel Medno today is waking