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During the night, while we are all asleep and we are dreaming deeply, when houses are still quiet and the streets are dark, Avrora dances between the glimmering stars. The most beautiful creature to ever exist, she draws the world at night. Her creation, which can be observed at sunrise, is a magnificent and colorful nature with sunny pastures, singing birds and playful butterflies, streaming rivers and stormy seas, proud trees and laughing flowers. Her task is to carefully observe the world around her and the changes that occur and to make sure that the boring grayness, the chains of our habits and serious faces do not rule over our hearts. The goddess of the morning dawn makes sure that by sunrise magical display of colors, rainbows over the colorful pastures and a sky without a cloud with a dreamy view and a spark in the corner of our eyes, awaits us. Behind every tree, there might be a playful dwarf hiding , a divine elven maiden or a prince of our dreams.

In her magic world, everything is possible, especially everything for which we thought of as impossible. On the wings of her imagination, we can let go of everything, relax and live the fairytale of our lives and believe that good always triumphs over evil. And so, we bring back a long forgotten past and the sparkle of magic from the land of the dreams.

Avrora lives in a magic land, where she watches over us and takes care that our most magnificent dreams come true, a land in which the gray rigidity didn’t take over yet to spoil the beauty and creativity.

With her pen, she creates an alternate reality, more real than the one we live in.

And exactly because of her, we can still believe in happy endings.

Have you decided, that today is the day which you will dedicate only to yourself and your loved ones? That the day came and on this day you have to devote yourself completely to your chosen ones while enjoying aromatic coffee, a rich asortiment of natural juices and desserts?

They say, that by the morning you can know how your day will be and that is why our personnel carefully prepares a delicious self-service breakfast buffet every morning to ensure that our guests have a wonderful start of the day. Kavarna offers you a rich assortiment of fresh and delicious meals, warm beverages and juices.

You can continue the day in Avrora, choosing among many light snacks, drinks and natural juices as well as carefully selected wines. Just relax and let your view follow the snowy peaks of the Alps and turquise river Sava, while it is flowing through the willows.

Divine kavarna is waiting for you only a bit drive away from the center of our beloved Ljubljana and nevertheless in the heart of peaceful nature. It is a place, where you will always be welcomed with a big smile and kind word.

Caught between the urban bustle and green nature, we are eagerly expecting you to make your, even the most demanding, wishes come true.

Other offer in Avrora:

  • Pension meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Lunch and dinner for groups and business dinners
  • Organisation of celebrations of special events (birthdays, anniversaries, graduations)
  • Organisation of wedding banquets
  • Organisation of picnics
  • The offer is for small or large groups by prior booking, which is mandatory.

Welcome every day from 7.00 until 22.00!


Do you have a dream of a green pasture, covered in rainbow colored flowers, right next to a river over which magnificent trees bend? Do you wish to marry under a white tent with live music. Tasty food and exquisite beverages? Do you wish to marry at a place where the city meets the countryside?

We know deeply, that this is one of the most importand days of your life and that this is the path to the fullfilment of a vision that you carry within you. And so it is our goal to do everything we can to ensure that you and your loved ones have an unforgettable day.

With long term experience, Hotel Medno can offer you the organisation of a perfect wedding. The special day is tailored as you wish. We usually organise weddings at a pasture under a white tent. Our restaurant staff will take care of a delicious warm/cold buffet as well as deserts and our waiters will be glad to serve you with refreshments and beverages at your will. We can also arrange an animating group program, care for small children as well as live music.

If it is your wish to have a romantic wedding under a sky full of stars and a view on the snow-covered peaks of the Alps, then please don’t hesitate to call us.